What’s in my bag

Hello Fashionate’s, I hope you are all doing very well. Today I have a really cool post for you guys! I love seeing what things people bring in their bag everyday. So I wanted to give you a small post on what things I always bring with me. I really hope you enjoy!

I am a skincare fan! So for me bringing some of my favorite skincare products with me is necessary.  So the first product I have is my Neutrogena Hydro Boost day cream. I always love to stay fresh throughout the whole day, and this cream helps me accomplish that. Super easy to travel with and it comes really handy when my skin is feeling very dry. 


Then to add to the hydration mode I always bring with me a lip balm. This on is from Khiel’s I love that it is really hydrating to my lips and I keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day.

unnamed-2 1.18.18 PM

I don’t know about you but my skin gets really tired throughout the day. So this is my tip for keeping it as glowy as I can. I bring with me this tiny bottle of micellar water, when I see that my skin it’s loosing it’s glow, I put a bit on a cotton pad and spread it all over my face. And instantly it changes how my skin looks.  unnamed-1 1.18.18 PM